I love the staff at Nassau Psychiatric services they’re all very patient, kind and sincere. I’m confident my daughter is in good hands.


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It starts with YOU

We are a friendly, respectful, compassionate, highly qualified, and experienced mental health professional team. We provide confidential psychiatric services to patients of all ages: children, adolescents, adults, and geriatric patients.  


Our mental health team includes psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, psychologists, and social workers.  We put our patients' health and well-being first, seeking to provide a caring and peaceful environment for all patients, and create customized treatment plans that consider each patient’s unique needs and experiences.    


For your convenience, we offer flexible scheduling for afternoons, evenings, and weekends and our exclusive TELEMEDICINE for patients who qualify.


We speak English, Spanish, and Hindi



New York (516) 280 9030

Florida (917) 476 2398

Our team of doctors is ready to listen and help you. Contact us and we'll book an appointment for you.



Types of Disorders Treated


We specialize in the evaluation and treatment of a wide variety of mental disorders.  Mental conditions that we treat include, but are not limited to:




-Panic Disorder


-Bipolar Disorder



-Schizoaffective Disorder

Therapies Offered

At Nassau Psychiatric Services, P.C. we offer a diverse set of therapies for mental health.  Please click on the list of therapies below for in-depth descriptions of the therapies we offer:



-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

-Medication Management

-Obesity Treatment. Body composition assessments through ACCUNIQ technology

-Telemedicine or Telepsychiatry


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601 Franklin Ave, Suite 120

Garden City, NY, 11530

Phone: (516) 280-9030

Fax: (516) 280-9029



360 Central Ave, suite 800

St. Petersburg, FL, 33701

Phone: (917) 476-2398

Practice Policy & HIPAA Compliance

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